{ w e l c o m e }

And thank you for considering Forever Images by Melissa Ann to be your Wedding Day Photographer. We truly consider it an honor to spend the day with you and capture the most important moments of your lives.


{w e d d i n g  d a y  c o l l e c t i o n s}

Specific package details and additional offerings are noted below

Please make note ALL collections below INCLUDE the following:

Complimentary Engagement session, {value of $450}

Two professional Wedding Day photographers in addition to, photographer’s time, talent, travel, artistic professional custom editing, private on-line gallery, high resolution digital files,  exclusive access to professional printing lab and a custom wooden flash drive & memory box. Pre-Wedding consultation with construction of your custom wedding day timeline.


Wedding Collections require a $500 non-refundable retainer with electronic signed contract to hold your date.

   the {b a s i c}     2800

  • six hour coverage 
  • Two Wedding Day Photographers
  • complimentary engagement session at location of your choosing

the {p r e m i u m}     3400

  • eight hour coverage
  • Two Wedding Day Photographers
  • complimentary engagement session at location of your choosing


the {p l a t i n u m}     4000

  • ten hour coverage
  • Two Wedding Day Photographers
  • complimentary engagement session at location of your choosing


the{e x t r a' s}   

Drone Photography $100/hour {minimum two hours coverage| limited availability}

Additional coverage/hour    600

Additional USB Flash Drive  50




{what inspires me as a wedding photographer}

As a wedding photographer, there are moments in time that we are beyond blessed to be a part of. After the moments have passed, we have our memories to hold tight to those beautiful moments we desire to forever cherish. Knowing that I can have a tiny part of that moment and bottle it up into a portrait for you to forever cherish is amazing. Not much else can compare to the feeling I feel when I deliver those images, those moments, those amazing, never forgetting memories, to my brides.


{what sets us apart + why should YOU choose US}

We are all about the overall experience with our brides. We want your entire experience with us to be structurally stress-free and beyond enjoyable. That's what you can expect from our brand of photography...nothing less than amazing and everything that is extraordinary! I've created a collection of wedding packages to best fit the needs of my clients. All Forever Images wedding day packages include pre-wedding consultation, a custom itinerary, complimentary engagement session, two professional wedding day photographers, custom editing, private online gallery, digital files and a wooden flash drive. We fully understand a lot goes into the planning and preparation of your wedding day, and you can trust the consistency of our work and the images you see and know that each bride will receive the same loving attention to create something special just for them.


{what do i love most about photographing weddings}

ALL the feels!! The emotive nature that exudes from my brides on their wedding day makes me fall in love with photography all over again. The moment she sees her wedding gown perfectly hung, that look she has in the mirror as she has the full reality 'It's my wedding day!', the excitement and showering of love and pampering the bridesmaids give to their bestie, the bride seeing her dad for the first time, the one she has admired and looked up to and dreamed about walking down the aisle with since she was a little girl, the bride walking down the aisle...that first look...GOODNESS just GRAB me a Kleenex already!! The moments I cherish most with my brides and grooms are during the sunset collection portraits. At sunset, the hustle and bustle of the day and the timeline and the 'to-do's' are behind us and it's just us and them paired with the gorgeous golden glow of the sunset falling. There is no big rush to accomplish the next task. The only task in that moment is them. All the feels, all the love, all the romance that is pouring from their eyes looking into the other...my passion is to capture it all and celebrate the beautiful blessings God has so graciously given to us.



Please enjoy a few of my recent favorites highlighted below


2018-12-21_00062018-12-21_0006 2018-12-19_00012018-12-19_0001 2018-09-19_00012018-09-19_0001

2018-09-19_00022018-09-19_0002 2018-12-21_00022018-12-21_0002 2018-12-21_00072018-12-21_0007 2018-12-20_00012018-12-20_0001 2018-12-21_00032018-12-21_0003 2018-12-21_00012018-12-21_0001


{l i n s e y + r o b }


2019-02-04_00072019-02-04_0007 2019-02-04_00022019-02-04_0002 2019-02-04_00032019-02-04_0003


{l i n d s e y + j o s h }


2019-02-19_00022019-02-19_0002 2019-02-20_00032019-02-20_0003 2019-02-20_00022019-02-20_0002 2019-02-20_00042019-02-20_0004 2019-02-20_00082019-02-20_0008 2019-02-24_00012019-02-24_0001 2019-02-24_00022019-02-24_0002 2019-02-24_00072019-02-24_0007

{m e g h a n + a n d r e w }


2019-01-22_00042019-01-22_0004 2019-01-15_00012019-01-15_0001 2019-01-18_00032019-01-18_0003 2019-01-18_00082019-01-18_0008 2019-01-18_00062019-01-18_0006 2019-01-19_00012019-01-19_0001 2019-01-22_00012019-01-22_0001 2019-01-22_00022019-01-22_0002 2019-01-23_00012019-01-23_0001 2019-01-23_00022019-01-23_0002 2019-01-23_00032019-01-23_0003 2019-01-25_00012019-01-25_0001



{c h r i s t i a n  +  c o u r t n e y }

2018-07-02_00012018-07-02_0001 2018-07-02_00022018-07-02_0002



{ t i m  + s a r a h } 2018-06-20_00022018-06-20_0002



MW7_6128MW7_6128 MW7_5147MW7_5147

{ m a c k a y a l a  +  s k y l e r }











{e l a i n e  +  j o r d a n } 



       2018-04-12_00072018-04-12_0007 2018-04-12_00062018-04-12_0006 2018-04-12_00122018-04-12_0012


{ e n g a g e m e n t }





2019-03-03_0001-12019-03-03_0001-1 2019-03-03_00022019-03-03_0002 2019-03-03_00032019-03-03_0003 2019-03-03_0002-12019-03-03_0002-1


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MW7_7670MW7_7670 MW7_7598MW7_7598